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2018 Dodge Dart Specs, Powertrain

The 2018 Dodge Dart presents to us a great deal of the latest technological innovations that have been combined perfectly with the traditional look. The car is ready to leave everyone breathless and amazed. The new Dodge Dart is expected to have improved features both in its interior and exterior. In addition, it will come with a better shape and an improved performing powertrain. In this Dodge Dart review, we shall go through some of the most important changes and recent improvements made on the Dodge Dart.

2018 Dodge Dart front

2018 Dodge Dart – Special Features:

The exterior design of the 2018 Dodge Dart will impress everyone including the sports car enthusiasts. The body is expected to be built using aluminium and steel so as to reduce on the overall weight and enhance the fuel economy. Both its rear end and front end will have the LED headlights. By adopting more air vents, the Dodge Dart will feature redesigned bumpers, indicators, grill, side mirrors and a bonnet among other features. It will also assume a more aggressive sporty design as compared to the previous models. However, the car might possibly maintain the classic lines that were used on its predecessors even though they shall be bolder this time. It will also have a stretched out roofline and strongly defined shoulders that are expected to enhance its visibility. The new dodge dart will come with 19-inch alloy wheels.

As expected, the 2018 Dodge Dart is going to have high quality materials that will upholster the cabin. This will make it more luxurious and comfortable. Customers should expect to have a spacious interior design that will feature all the current technological updates. The cabin will have a U-Connect infotainment system that provides both communication and entertainment to the driver. The modern entertainment system in the car’s interior will involve an 8-inch colour touch screen with phone, music, navigation and rear-view camera. Other standard interior design features are the premium audio system that features radio connectivity, Bluetooth phone, audio connectivity and a USB port interface.

2018 Dodge Dart interior

2018 Dodge Dart – Powertrain and Transmission Updates:

There’s no clear information about the powertrain that will feature in the new Dodge Dart. However, the automaker is expected to attract more customers within the current future thanks to an enhanced powertrain. The new model will have a four-cylinder turbocharged 2.4-liter with 300 horsepower and 300 ft-lb torque. The automaker is working on this engine to give it an exceptional performance that will certainly impress all its customers. There will also be a second optional engine that will feature under its hood. The second option will be the 6.2 litres supercharged engine. This optional engine will generate up to 480 horsepower. Though the exact EPA performances of these 2 powertrains haven’t been disclosed, both engine are expected to deliver enhanced fuel economies as compared to the previous models.

2018 Dodge Dart rear

2018 Dodge Dart  – Release Date and Price

The Dodge Dart will probably hit the markets in the last quarter of 2017. When the car is released, it is anticipated to come with a base price of $24 000.

2017 Dodge Dart Specs, Price

Dodge dart is basically produced under Chrysler Corporation supervision with collaboration of dodge company. They are making these cars since 1960 and this is one of their very famous brands. The makers are now planning to launch the new version of 2017 Dodge Dart with lot of new improvements and changes. This car will fulfill the dream of a person to have a sports car. The biggest advantage of this car is that it will come in affordable price range and will not be in the class of very expensive and luxurious car group. This will be a very stylish and light weight sports car with quality performance and output.

2017 Dodge Dart front view

2017 Dodge Dart – Exterior and Interior Design

The makers are working hard to give this 2017 Dodge Dart very stylish and unique look. This new version is coming in completely new avatar and styling. As far as exterior of dodge dart is concerned, the sporty and edgy design along with aggressive look will make the car to look beyond perfection.  The car will have large front lights.  In addition with this, there will be fog lights as well. The car is facilitated with latest LED light technology.   Along with this, two chrome exhausting pipes are added in the car. They will not only add to its beauty but also facilitate it in better working. The car will be available in some unique colors which will make it more attractive and appealing to its buyers. In the interior of dodge dart there is lot of cabin room created unlike regular sports cars which are very compressed. The lower seating in the car will help to add extra sporty feeling. The seats are crated in a way to give extra comfort and relaxation to traveler. The seats will have very sophisticated and unique leather covering. There is enough room provided for legs and head roof space is also quite large. There will be large size dash board which will help to install a latest LCD screen easily. The car is coming with some amazing finishing touches from seats and steering to shifting knobs. The car is facilitated with all the latest technologies and equipments like navigation system, six best quality speakers, Bluetooth connectivity system, USB ports, weather telling system, back camera installed and many more amazing features.

2017 Dodge Dart interior

2017 Dodge Dart – Engine and Performance

Engine constitutes a very important part in 2017 Dodge Dart and a good quality engine is always a matter of concern for a buyer. This car will have a powerful 2.4 liter inline turbocharged engine. The engine has capability to produce output of 285 hp and 265 lb of torque. The car will have manual gear box. The output of engine will definitely match the aggressive look of the car.

2017 Dodge Dart rear view

2017 Dodge Dart – Price and Release Date

The 2017 Dodge Dart is expected to be available in the market in the end of 2016 or in the first quarter of 2017. The expected price of this car will be around $30,000.

2016 Dodge Dart SRT4 Specs, Price

It’s been a while that we have heard anything about the Dart SRT, but now Dodge has finally started working on a high performance compact sedan. If you really want to buy an American sport sedan then you don’t need to be very choosey. Your choice must be the new 2016 Dodge Dart SRT4. A number of new models by Dodge will be built by year 2018 and the high performance version of the Dart is among those. Well it is based on the same assembly line like its predecessor Neon SRT but Dodge says that it’s a way more better then that. The model will be enrolled with a 2016 Dodge Dart SRT4 badge. Dodge brought the car in production to give a tough time to some sport sedans like the Subaru WXR and the Lancer Evo X but Dodge still need to give some new touch to the car. Questions are being raised for the AWD thing because the market is falling for four wheel drive sedans these days. We cannot say that the car is a brilliant piece of engineering but it is adorable.

2016 Dodge Dart SRT4 front

2016 Dodge Dart SRT4 – Exterior and Interior Design

2016 Dodge Dart SRT4 will be available with some unique exclusive interior trim choice and items includes power mirrors and climate control. Less hard plastic material is used for making the interior of car more elegant and sleek. Although interior is pretty cool and inside of the car provides a comfort level to the driver. Body styling of the car doesn’t look pretty impressive but it gives a much similar look to the Dodge Charger. The car is said to be the junior hellcat. 2016 Dodge Dart SRT4 will include safety equipment’s including a standard automatic stability control system, traction control and ten airbags including side and knee. Car has an Anti lock braking system (ABS) with optional blind-spot sensor with rear cross-lane warning.

2016 Dodge Dart SRT4 interior

2016 Dodge Dart SRT4 – Engine and Performance

The sporty version of Dodge Dart will include some new unique upgrades like both the bumpers are pretty aggressive, bigger intake, hood scoop and a rear diff-user. Handling has been improved by adding a new stiffer tuned suspension. The high performance sedan will have a 2.4 L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine which will nearly produce 300 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. This engine is a 0 emission engine by Dodge but until now figures for the fuel average are not present. The car will have a top speed of 140 mph and it will go around 0 to 60 mph under 6 seconds. The car will be an all wheel drive and gears will be shifted by Dodge’s new 9 speed automatic transmission. Car has an anti lock braking system, it seems to be simple but the braking experience isn’t really bad.

2016 Dodge Dart SRT4 rear

2016 Dodge Dart SRT4 – Price and Release Date

The car has been announced by Dodge motors a few months ago but it is still in the production lines and will be available for sale in ending months of 2016 or start of 2017. The figures about the price are not confirmed yet but it will be closer to $25,000 to $30,000.

Dodge Dart 2016 Specs, Price

The Dodge Dart is setting the selling records of all time like the past year and according to the news, sale has been increased upto 52 percent. Dodge is going to renew the Dart in 2016 according to their product plan. And the next generation of the Dart will get improvements like a modified powertrain, much more fuel-effective 9-speed transmission and some upgrades in its engine to get more power from the motor.

Dodge Dart 2016 front

Dodge Dart 2016 – Exterior and Interior Design

Dodge’s main target is to provide the customers an affordable car with some guts and that is the frame work around which this car will be built. Actually Dodge wants to be in competition with some of the Japanese cars which still seems a little bit difficult. Dodge Dart 2016 is based on a design of previous 2013 dodge dart so we can consider the design of dodge dart’s next version will be very similar to 2013 Dart but it will also have a touch of Charger’s look. A new powerful version of the Dart will be released with an SRT badge in end of 2016. It is a wonderful vehicle with great performance and unique design. Beauty of the car tempts people to drive dodge dart and they are quite impressed with its eligible for long trip. Anti-lock braking system will be a common feature but the Limited and SRT4 Dart will have some additional safety features including the stability control and 10 airbags including airbags for side and knees. They will also include Bluetooth and Navigation system along with the controls on steering wheel.

Dodge Dart 2016 interior

Dodge Dart 2016 – Engine and Performance

Dodge Dart 2016 will be available with a variety of engine and specs in its different versions. A 2L 4 cylinder engine in the SE will provide 160 hp @ 6400 rpm and 148 lb-ft of torque. It gives mileage of 22 mpg in city and 35 mpg on highway. The 2.4L in the GT and SXT provides 184 hp @ 6250 rpm. The SE Aero will have a 1.4L turbocharged engine producing 160 hp @ 5500 rpm, it is the most fuel efficient version and will provide 28 mpg in city and 48 mpg on highway. It also gives mileage of 21 in city and 33 on highway.The most powerful version of Dodge Dart 2016, will be SRT4 will have a 2.4 L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine which will nearly produce 300 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. All the versions will be front wheel drive except the SRT4 which will be a 4 wheel drive. All will have a manual transmission but the Limited version and the SRT4 will have an automatic transmission.

Dodge Dart 2016 rear

Dodge Dart 2016 – Price and Release Date

The price tag for the Dodge Dart 2016 will be $19,000 to $23,795 which includes the limited version as well but the SRT4 is expected to have price tag bigger than $25,000. Release date has not been announced by the officials but everyone knows that car is going to be released before end of 2016.