2018 Dodge Ramcharger Redesign, Power Production Unit

If you are caught up in the battle between buying an SUV or minivan, then the 2018 Dodge Ramcharger could provide you with a sufficient answer. The model has the best features that will bridge all the differences that an SUV and a minivan have to offer. With this particular Dodge model, you will get to enjoy the agility and comfort that comes with minivans while still enjoying the brute power of SUVs. However, that is not all there’s to say about the Dodge Ramcharger. Here is a complete review of the 2018 Dodge Ramcharger.

2018 Dodge Ramcharger front view

2018 Dodge Ramcharger – Well Appointed Interior:

Models such as the Dodge Ramcharger are very popular due to the fact that they provide a high-quality and a more functional ride. The new model will feature high convenience and comfort in remote destinations. The biggest changes will come at the front parts. A large chrome hexagonal grille will get a more modern shape together with the installation of the dynamic LED headlights. Furthermore, it will also have a new and redesigned bumper that will come with integrated fog lights.

The changed styling won’t be much different from what most people expected. The vehicle will mainly be based on the previous model. Dimensions are likely to be increased while the weight will be reduced by using functional materials during the production process. A new SUV is designed for almost all terrains. The improved line leads to better aerodynamics when driving this model. On the upper side, there will be a large glass roof that can be opened electronically. The rear part of the car is sharp with horizontal LED lights and large doors of the trunk.

Interior Design:

The interior design is generally attractive and successfully designed with enough modernization and elegance. Some plastic parts are expected to be replaced by chrome that will come with a functional set of keys. By increasing its exterior dimensions as well as the wheelbase, the car will have an increased in interior space.

The 2018 Dodge Ramcharger will have a large luggage space. The space increases a lot when the rear seats are folded. A certain prestige has also been achieved through redesigning the dashboard and instrument. The driver won’t have many problems thanks to the functional and well-designed space. A navigation system has been also replaced by a more modern system that comes with a wide range of features. In addition, there will be a new audio system with more speakers as compared to the 2016 model, voice commands, hands-free calling and a lot more interesting features.

2018 Dodge Ramcharger interior

2018 Dodge Ramcharger – Power Production Unit:

The engine option will be the 6.4 liter four-cylinder HEMI engine. The engine will generate around 440 hp and 460 lb ft of torque.  Apart from the engine specs, this SUV will have an efficient fuel consumption that clocks in at 26 mpg on highways and 19 mpg in the city. This is quite economical for a model with such productive performances considering that it’s able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 7.1 seconds. The powertrain is expected to be linked to the 6-speed automatic transmission.

2018 Dodge Ramcharger side view

2018 Dodge Ramcharger – Price and Release Date:

Potential owners of the 2018 Dodge Ramcharger will have to practice a little more patience since the car will be released towards the end of 2017 or even in early 2018. The price is still unknown.

6 Responses to 2018 Dodge Ramcharger Redesign, Power Production Unit

  1. Scott says:

    They should offer the Econo – diesel in this and it probably would get 35 to 45 mpg. This is basically the same platform as the 1500.

  2. Nice, new model featuring a high comfort and convenience

  3. Robert M says:

    Make it so the top comes off!!

  4. Andy says:

    will it be 3,4, or 5 door including tailgate

  5. Rich says:

    would love to see this in a four door with the Cummins turbo.

  6. Thomas Rubel says:

    Will buy it only if its a two door. And bring back the ram’s head for the front hood like the old days.

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