2017 Dodge Journey Specs, Price

Car manufacturing company Dodge is again going to hit the market with its new SRT variant. The car will be known as 2017 Dodge Journey. This variant will come as the top trim level and is expected to have good sales. As there is a lot of demand of SUV cars these days due to their multi purposes so Dodge is going to launch this midsized car at a very great moment. The compact SUV will give a luxurious drive to its passengers in a really reasonable price. The car will get a new chassis to have a modern look.

2017 Dodge Journey front view

2017 Dodge Journey – Exterior and Interior Design

2017  Dodge Journey will come with great improvements and a lot of changes that will appeal the buyers. Unfortunately company has not revealed much information about the looks and specifications of this car but still some rumors say that Dodge 2017 will have a sportier look and other major improvements. There will be restyling so that it will not look like the previous version. Changes in the rim and LED headlights will also be seen by the customers. The interior of the upcoming Journey will also be updated and a few changes will be made. The midsized compact SUV is capable to accommodate seven passengers at a time. Moreover luggage can also be loaded in it easily.  As this is a new edition so we can assume that many high technologies will be included inside it to compete with its rivals. A classy look with an elegant design is waiting to reveal very soon. As it is a sporty version so we expect a beautiful and stylish vehicle with luxury and comfort.

2017 Dodge Journey interior

2017 Dodge Journey – Engine and Performance

As Dodge Journey resembles with SUV cars which are very much famous for their high speed and excellent performance, so it is speculated that Journey 2017 will also come with power and speed. But at the current moment there is no official information about the exact engine details and whether there are any facelifts or not. However according to sources Dodge Journey will come with two engine options. One will be four cylinders turbo charged 2.4 liter engine which will generate about 220 horse power and a torque of about 250 lb feet. Another engine will also be present in the Journey 2017 which will be V6 3.6 liter engine. This engine will give an output of 305 hp. These engines will be paired with a new system of automatic transmission nine speed and will transmit power to the front wheels as a standard. There is also option for an all wheel drive in these engines.

2017 Dodge Journey rear view

2017 Dodge Journey – Price and Release Date

There is no official information about the release of Dodge Journey 2017. However we can expect that this mid-sized SUV will be introduced as a model of 2017 in the end of 2016. The price is also not confirmed at this time but by viewing its history we can assume that it will be quite in a range.

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