2017 Dodge Dakota Redesign

Dakota models started to appear in the market as pick-up trucks in 1987 but unfortunately the car did not make a lot of success due to some drawbacks in its status. This time there are rumors that Dodge will launch Dakota 2017 with much improvements and lot of restyling but it is not confirmed yet. The 2016 model was redesigned with a better exterior look and more strong engines therefore this model will also reveal some of the advanced modifications in it.

2017 Dodge Dakota front

2017 Dodge Dakota – Exterior and Interior

2017 Dodge Dakota will receive many changes and modifications in its exterior and interior design. There are possibilities that the cargo area of this car will be left uncovered to give it a look of an open pickup truck. This car will be given a more modern and stylish look with new streamlined front end. It will have much stronger body with powerful engines which will increase its weight but it will not compromise over the efficient fuel economy. The current model will be a bit elongated with newly designed grille and LED headlights. The car will get beautiful metallic colors which will look attractive and give it a modern view. Four doors along with a trailer for the purposes of loading luggage will be seen in the 2017 Dodge Dakota. It can accommodate large amount of luggage and the entry on the trailer will make it very easy to load the cargo. We are expecting that Dakota 2017 will bring many advanced features inside it. As the previous models lack high technology, so the company is going to make improvements in its designs and technology. Modern and advanced systems of security, infotainment and navigation will be a part of this pickup truck. Moreover the inside seating and dash board will be more comfortable and luxurious making long drives more relaxing. The seats will be covered with good quality material, most probably leather will be used so that the seats become comfortable. The space inside it is also increased for the passengers.  We can also expect the introduction of LCD, audio player, navigation system and cruise control system in it. These all features will make it surely a luxury truck.

2017 Dodge Dakota interior

2017 Dodge Dakota – Engine and Performance

At the moment we are not sure about anything regarding the engines which will be presented in 2017 Dodge Dakota. However according to some reliable sources it is revealed that the truck will be made on the platform of FIAT Doblo and will be given an option of all four drives or front wheel drive. The FIAT strada being used in other pickups of the time will be replaced by the turbo diesel four cylinder sourced by FIAT. Moreover the engine will be V6 Pentastar attached with an automatic transmission of nine speed which will give either all wheel drive or four wheel drive. These will be significant changes and will make it a luxury truck.

2017 Dodge Dakota rear

2017 Dodge Dakota – Price and Release Date

There is no official information regarding the release date and price of 2017 Dodge Dakota at the moment but we can expect it in the end of 2016.

4 Responses to 2017 Dodge Dakota Redesign

  1. mark schaad says:

    fyi I had a 2003 dodge Dakota 2dr 4×4 with the 2.9 v6 engine I enjoyed it every min it I had it. it was one the best trucks I ever owned.it had the towing package . when I got rid of it it only had all most 300,000 miles on it. I was disappoint when I learn in 2010 that dodge was no longer going to make the Dakotas . the Dakota last truck would be made in 2012 . i’m glad to see that dodge may be coming out next year.. I would buy another one in heart beat I was very happy with mine

    • Jim Craig says:

      My wife and I had 3 Dodge Dakota’s. All were great trucks. All were 4x4s. We also got 200,000 miles on each truck before trading in. The last one was a 2004 Quad Cab, great truck. We lost it due to an accident. We new we couldn’t replace it with another Dakota so we purchased another DODGE 1500 as I was already driving one that is the best truck I ever owned.

      Unfortunately The 1500 is too big a truck for my wife and for many women. Dodge is losing many sales in the mid sized truck market without the dakota. Many have gone to Toyota and have had success. Dodge has to get with the program and a new Dakota before it’s to late. Those geys at Dodge “RAM” ned to listen to the right people.

  2. James says:

    newest pics i see show a fat Subaru Baja with fancy grill. ick hope it comes back as a pickup first then an SUV.

  3. Ted says:

    I’ve owned 2 Dakotas. I ordered a 1995 w/318 (5.2L)5 speed manual trans. 3:91 anti-spin axle brand new and a 2000 w/ 4.7L 5 speed, 3:55 9-1/4″rear, both reg. cab short box 2wd, both black, I wish I had either one back. they were both pretty quick & no one knew it. It was great and they were very good trucks. Very hard to find a used V8 man.trans. Dakota reg. cab now. It’s the only way to go!

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