2017 Dodge Challenger Review

In the coming two years, fans are going to see more of Dodge. So if you have any plans of replacing your current model of Challenger, you would be glad to know that the automakers have planned on making some updates in the Challenger. The plans of the automakers are to come up with some even mean and road crushing like machine. The new version 2017 Dodge Challenger is going to prove to be a worthy car and it would be capable of giving competition to cars like Mustang GT and Camaro SS. It is going to be a powerful and a lighter vehicle and this will lure the audience for sure. Dodge had no option but to redesign its car to maintain the interest of the buyers.

2017 Dodge Challenger front 1

2017 Dodge Challenger – Exterior and Interior

Making predictions for the 2017 Dodge Challenger is not going to be easy. The exterior is going to get a whole new design but no one is sure what it is going to be. Some spectators say that the styling is going to be similar to the previous model. Nevertheless, it is going to have classic design but it will be a muscular car indeed. It is going to get the iconic retro that will offer the same modern accents with some new detailing at the headlights and the taillights. LED lights will be added to provide a better vision. All those who were expected that the company will introduce major changes in the cabin are going to be disappointed. The automakers have no plans of bringing radical changes in the interiors. There are not going to be any radical changes inside. The styling might be a bit similar to the previous model. Modern control panel is going to be added for the center console. There will be an addition of the retro style decoration around the steering wheel. The updates are going to be promising.

2017 Dodge Challenger interior

2017 Dodge Challenger – Engine Specs

Now let’s move on to the engine changes for the 2017 Dodge Challenger. As the release date is quite far, it is not known what engine is going to be provided. There are some rumors about the engine saying that the car will be available with 2 high performance engines. The first option is the v8 6.2 liter engine which is for the base model and the second one is the Hellcat v8 6.2 liter engine for the SRT Variant that will be capable of producing more than 100 hp.

2017 Dodge Challenger front

2017 Dodge Challenger – Price and Release

The automakers have not made any statement about the launch or release date of the car as it is a 2017 model and it is hard to speculate anything. Similar is the case with the cost because the automakers have not revealed yet what engine upgrades are going to be added. It is expected to be come in the market by the mid or end of 2016. Fans do hope that the price of the vehicle is not that high. However, if Dodge wants people to still buy 2017 Dodge Challenger, it will have to work on making worthy changes.

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  1. Robert Gildroy says:

    I’ve always been a dodge and plymouth promoter, but now dogde does not seem to come up with a rig that can hammer the camaros or the mustangs. Dodge has always had the power, but not the expertise to put a favorite car in front of the rest. Get off your butts and lighten up the challenger and put some real racing suspension in the rig at a lower price than the competion.

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