2016 Dodge Rampage Review

Dodge is working on its different breeds of cars from thirty years and they are one of the best car makers in the industry. Rampage is one of the very famous dodge’s produced cars. 2016 Dodge Rampage will be one of the bestand modern pickup truck dodge has ever produced.

2016 Dodge Rampage front

2016 Dodge Rampage – Exterior and Interior

The exterior and interior of 2016 Dodge Rampage has similarities with its previous model yet it is very unique and modern looking car.  2016 rampage is supposed to be a truck but it does not entirely looks like a truck. There are lots of improvements made from the previous model. There are many things added in the new model of dodge rampage which were not in their models before.  In the exterior of the car lots of functional changes have been made. The cabin of the car will have the larger size as compared to the previous models. The cargo area will also be bigger than before. There has been given an extra option of folding of last two seats of car which will provide more room for putting extra luggage. The car has capacity to adjust seven adult people easily in it. It is a car for big families. It is simply a beautiful and functionalcar. The external of the car is coming up with 60 side cross bar grille. The car will have redesigned headlight with the latest LED technology. 2016 rampage is coming with double flare fenders which will add to its beauty and the car will look more muscular. The car is equipped with the latest safety and modern security technologies. This will ensure the safety of driver and the passengers. To improve the stability of rampage the car is coming with alloy wheels and the diameter of wheels will be around 22 inches. The suspension has been given a lot of importance and it will be on top of the line. The high suspension will help the car to travel on rough routes and terrain very easy and conveniently. The front to back console will add to the beauty of the car. The interior of the car is very stylish and sophisticated. The seats have a modern look. There is enough space provided between seats. In long journey a person can easily stretch his legs and relax properly. The head space in this new model is also wide enough. The seats, dash board, roof and doors are covered using high quality material. The upholstery of car is very suave.  The car is also equipped with latest features like Bluetooth, USB ports, navigation system and information system.

2016 Dodge Rampage interior

2016 Dodge Rampage – Engine and Performance

The 2016 Dodge Rampage is provided with one of the best engines installed HEMI V8 in it having 5.7 liters capacity. The engine can produce up to 345 HP provided with five speed automatic transmission.

2016 Dodge Rampage side

2016 Dodge Rampage – Price and Release Date

The 2016 Dodge Rampage is expected to release in the end of 2015 or in the beginning of 2016. The price of car is expected to start from $30,000.

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