2016 Dodge Ram Power Wagon Review

Dodge has been forever the makers of quality performing vehicles that possess stability and strength as well. The manufacturers have come up with a new model which will be the 2016 Dodge Ram Power Wagon.The people interested in buying the model will definitely enjoy the wonderful experience the vehicle will deliver. The new model is going to be flourished and made better than before. You will experience new features which will be the perfect choice for you. The markets all over the world are waiting for this car to be unleashed. The car truck will be chunkier with more dimensions this time. It is a perfect conveyance for getting the off-road experience. Apart from this there will be some new features installed up inside the truck too.

2016 Dodge Ram Power Wagon front

2016 Dodge Ram Power Wagon – Exterior and Interior

The 2016 Dodge Ram Power Wagon will be having new curves and edges for its brand new appearance. The full-size truck is not just a source of a good performance vehicle but it also possesses the qualities of a luxury vehicle. The vehicle will be much of a piece of art. You can see from the pictures that the truck is a heavy weight vehicle able to produce super performance. The front grille of the truck has been modified with the Dodge logo on top of it. The grille has got small square styled design with two steel bars on top to give it a classified modeled grille look. The front and rear bumper will be of silver paint. The handles of the doors will also be painted metallic. The lights at the front and at the back both will be carrying the LED technology within them. Along with these fog lights will also be accompanying the full-size truck. Heavy duty alloy wheels will be available for the truck. The carriage of the Power Wagon will be a revised one. The inside of the new truck is going to contemporary as well as comfortable. The theme inside the cabin of the truck is black and a shade little lighter than black. Having the combination of both the shades makes the truck look more interesting. The front seats are heated and there are climate controls to manage the temperature inside the cabin. The seats are made from the finest cloth to provide maximum satisfaction to the passengers. Five passengers can easily fit inside the cabin of the 2016 Dodge Ram Power Wagon.Other than this there are lots of gadgets inside the truck that make it a lot more convenient for the users to operate the functions.

2016 Dodge Ram Power Wagon interior

2016 Dodge Ram Power Wagon – Engine and Performance

The 2016 Dodge Ram Power Wagon will be having a powerful engine inside it. There will be a V8 6.4 diesel engine installed inside the bonnet of the Wagon. The output this engine will be able to produce is 410 hp and 429 ft-lb torque and will be having a six-speed manual transmission.

2016 Dodge Ram Power Wagon rear

2016 Dodge Ram Power Wagon – Price and Release

The 2016 Dodge Ram Power Wagon will be one of the super trucks of the year 2016. There is no confirm date yet but it will hopefully arrive in 2016. The price charged will be from $50,340 to $56,210.

2 Responses to 2016 Dodge Ram Power Wagon Review

  1. Jose Wales says:

    This power Eagan is awesome, I want one!

  2. Dave says:

    The 6.4 Power Wagon is NOT a diesel….as much as we would all want one, its still a GAS powerplant, 6.4 Hemi V8, 410 HP !

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